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Uganda Link

Our department is linked with St Charles Lwanga School and HeartsVision NGO in Kampala, Uganda.

Year 8 geography students develop their understanding of the 'For richer, for poorer?' topic through studying the lives of street children in Kampala and have skype conversations with ex-street children living the the HeartsVision house.

Year 9 geography students study Kampala as a case study of a city in a Lower Income Country (LIC).

Mr Witts and Mrs Owen visited our link school in July 2016 - look at Mrs Owen's Uganda Diary if you would like to know more.

We produced a resource to help people explore the extent to which the MDGs were achieved in Uganda - To what extent did Uganda achieve the MDGs

We are planning to take a group of sixth form students from KAS to visit Uganda in July 2017.

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